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November 2014 – Monthly Update

Dear Friends of the Jesus Center,

In today's hustle and bustle world saying thank you for something you have received can easily be forgotten. Many of us do not stop long enough to ponder what we have; instead, we focus on what we do not have or take for granted what we do have or dwell on getting more of what we lack. Gratitude then is something we consciously choose to express.

Our guests at the Jesus Center frequently also miss the opportunity to say thank you. They see themselves as mostly "without" - that is, they lack a job, housing, clothing, and of course, money. What do they have to be thankful for? One thing they can be thankful for is that people in our region want to provide good Thanksgiving food to those in need. I am writing to ask you to be one of those people who provide food at Thanksgiving.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving each year we serve meals and we expect the numbers to be even higher this year due to our present economic circumstances. Last year we served over 105,000 meals! People will come to us to enjoy all the traditional fare of a Thanksgiving meal, provided - even served - to them by people in the community. I for one am thankful to be a part of a community that wants to help people without much to sustain themselves to have a Thanksgiving meal.

Are people thankful for what is given to them at the Jesus Center? That depends on whom I ask. Hardly a day goes by without someone expression appreciation for the services your donations provide. Of course, many people take our services for granted; some are intent on continuing their drug activity and so are preoccupied with their own destructive needs; others keep to themselves, perhaps ashamed to be receiving food and shelter from the community because they're unable to be self-sufficient. Others accept our support, especially our Resource Center where they can check out a job board, look for local accommodation, and put together a resume. They might use our services and we don't see them again - though something they return in a year or two and give a donation or offer to fix a broken appliance they see or do some construction work in our warehouse.

I am grateful to be a part of a community that cares enough about people to help them get on their feet again to receive a hot meal, a shelter from living on the street, the use of a telephone and an email address, and access to a job board, ways to find accommodations, and get spiritual support. These services are what make the Jesus Center a place where some basic needs can be met and where a new beginning is possible for those transformed by Jesus. But, let me be clear: we can do nothing without your help and the help of caring people throughout the community.


Please send your gift today...

Thanks you in advance,

Bill Such
Executive Director

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