Dec 2015 – Monthly Update


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Dear Friends of the Jesus Center,

Putting Jumbled Lives Back Together . . . Some Assembly Required Do those magical words sound familiar? They probably do if you’re a parent and they might bring back memories of Christmas mornings when those wonderful toys your kids wanted so badly needed just a little assembly. And you ended up with the task!

Isn’t that how life can be at times? Little challenges don’t always have simple answers. And while those of us with occupations and comfortable homes might look at those challenges as minor annoyances, it’s different for those in our community who don’t have steady employment or even a warm place to sleep. What’s little to us can be catastrophic to them— and life doesn’t always provide them with easy solutions.

A Christmas Gift For You with Easy Assembly! By now you’ve undoubtedly had a chance to check out the nifty Christmas ornament I’ve enclosed. It’s quick and easy to assemble—no frustration here—just fold up and insert the tab and flap and it’s ready to hang on your tree. This little ornament reminds us that as the homeless and hungry brace themselves for another chilly winter they will use a piece of cardboard for a mattress, blanket or fuel for a fire to keep warm. I hope you hang this ornament on your tree as a reminder of your generosity toward the Jesus Center.

Gifts are Given all year long. Here’s a real life example of how the Jesus Center is providing help and hope. This is from one of our women Ali at the Sabbath House.

"When I arrived at the Sabbath House, I was completely broken; full of shame, guilt, and in need of self-forgiveness. With the many helping hands (and hearts) at the Jesus Center & Sabbath House I now have healthy relationships. I am reliable, trustworthy, and I am depended on by others! Wow! I was hoping for many things to change in my life when I arrived, and I am so proud to say that I just celebrated 9 months clean and sober. As a child of God, I am now strong for my family and I get to carry the message on to others."

Thank you Jesus Center! Love, light & blessings, Ali

Gearing Up For Our Busiest Month Of All We’re expecting to provide over 8,000 hot, nourishing meals in December alone. We will be providing over 700 safe nights of warm and safe lodging for women and children at the Sabbath house and house of Hope. And electricity bills can really sneak up on us when Old Man Winter comes to town.

So, I’m asking you to give a special Christmas gift to the Jesus Center today. A gift of $35, $50, even $75—or any amount you can offer—will help immensely in meeting the needs of those in pain who’ve already started coming to us for help.

Some assembly required At the Jesus Center, we’re good at putting the pieces back together for those in the grip of despair.

May God richly bless you and your family during this holiday season. With warm thanks!

Laura Cootsona Executive Director

P.S.—With the chill in the air more homeless and hungry people need our help, our resources can be stretched to their limits. Your generous gift helps make sure we keep serving those in need, so please…let me hear from you today, thanks!

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