Birch House

Transitional Housing for Men

Jesus Center Birch House - Chico Mens Transitional Living
Jesus Center Birch House - Chico Mens Transitional Living
Jesus Center Birch House - Chico Mens Transitional Living

Lack of affordable housing is a reality to the guests we serve here at the Jesus Center. Even if you put finances aside, they have other life factors that could preclude them from getting into a place ahead of other qualified applicants. While we have guests who are working hard to transition, they are without access to a home.  Our commitment to support those who are working hard to change their lives doesn’t end with the near zero vacancy rates in Butte County, instead we look for new ways to solve these challenges.

“Birch House has given me peace of mind that I have a quiet place to study, that I can come and go at liberty and that there is support for my well-being and future!”

—Birch House Participant

In October of 2016, we opened the Birch House, our first transitional housing program for men. When we began our journey into transitional housing in 2013, we focused on what we saw as a shortage or shared housing for women.  We are very proud of the success of transitioning lives into independence, and wanted to afford men with the same opportunity. Nine men will live at Birch House, and each will have a case manager and participate in a savings program.

The Birch House embodies the core values of the Jesus Center with accountability and a restorative focus. Building a housing program that allows participants to live in quality homes within beautiful neighborhoods reinforces to them that they are worthy and quickens their return to independence.

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