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Job Link

Job Link assists individuals in integrating into the community and to fulfill their aspirations.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Come in meet staff and other participants in program
  2. Invitation to program meeting held once a week
  3. Fill out initial intake form & Tour of program
  4. Begin Action Plan for program with Outreach & Engagement Associate

The Job Link Action Plans allow participants to discuss and set reasonable goals for their future in particular regard to community integration & employment.

Services that can be included in making your plan may include health care, mental health care, chemical dependency treatment, vocational rehabilitation goals, housing and financial assistance, and any other things that you identify as a support or personal goal. You can also address life areas that you are not satisfied with or need more help with. You may want to set goals and develop an action plan that addresses some or all of the following life areas:

  • Recovery & Wellness Community Participation
  • Physical Health & Wellness Legal
  • Vocational/Educational Spirituality
  • Employment Other
  • Financial

Participants will meet and discuss their Action Plan with a staff member each week discussing progress, success or modifications of goals. Action Plan includes making schedule for participation in volunteering opportunities, in conjunction with On the Job Training (OJT).
About Job Link

Job Link contracts with Butte County Department of Behavioral Health (BCDBH) to provide on-site vocational employment readiness services to consumers with psychiatric disabilities.

Collaboration and coordination between The Jesus Center., BCDBH, the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and other community service providers is the primary services to be provided to consumers.

Consumers that have reached their employment, housing and recovery goals will continue to have access to supportive services through the Jesus Center, BCDBH, and DOR.

Services embody the five fundamental concepts inherent in the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) in all aspects of planning, implementation and services delivery. The five fundamental concepts of MSHA are:

  • Community Collaboration
  • Cultural Competence
  • Client/family driven mental health system for older adults, adults and transition age youth and family driven system of care for children and youth
  • Wellness focus, which includes the concepts of recovery and resilience
  • Integrated service experiences for clients and their families throughout their interactions with the mental health system


Job Training

Below are opportunities for on the job training through Job Link. Each client will be trained and supervised by Job Link staff, as other program participants. During Action Planning participants can schedule hours to work. Hours outside of Jesus Center can also be scheduled. A primary goal of Job Link is to promote scheduled workdays for a minimum of 90 days to show job readiness in conjunction to working with the Department of Rehabilitation.

  • Office
  • Store
  • Maintenance
  • Kitchen
  • Warehouse
  • Landscape