About the Jesus Center

In all we do at the Jesus Center, we’re guided and inspired by our four Core Values:


Founded in God's love, we serve by respecting human dignity, offering hope and a path to transforming their lives.


In response to the complexity of homelessness, hunger and poverty, we work with our community to restore those suffering from isolation to community integration.


Responsible stewardship of the resources provided by our supporters, volunteers and employees.


Inspiring people to reach their full spiritual, physical, emotional and vocational wellness.

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Meet Our Team

Laura Cootsona, Executive Director

Laura Cootsona
Executive Director


JC Staff - Amber Abney

Amber Abney-Bass
Assistant Director


Shelly Watson, Director of Services

Shelly Watson
Program Director


Our Board of Directors

JC Board - Larry Ruby

Larry Ruby

JC Board - Kristy Hughes

Kristy Hughes

JC Board - Anne Powell

Anne Powell

JC Board - Toni Scott

Toni Scott

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Bryan Meyers

JC Board - Jeanna Hill

Jeanna Hill

JC Board - Chris Brown

Chris Brown

JC Board - Jodi Drysdale

Jodi Drysdale

COIVD-19 Response

Learn about some of the adjustments we’ve made at the Jesus Center, in response to COVID-19, as we continue our work with the most vulnerable among us.